Instant Energy Focus Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules

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Instant Energy Focus Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules Description

Size:60 Capsules Instant Energy TAKE the 1 ENERGY PILL Challenge – All it takes is 1 Pill and 15 minutes to get the energy you have been searching for. Increased energy, focus & productivity without No jitters and No crash or wanting more.BEWARE of regular caffiene pills, stay awake pills, and energy pills. INSTANT ENERGY uses microencapsulated caffeine that is a controlled and timed released. The sustained energy over time keeps you alert and gives you a boost without the jittery side effects of typical caffeine products. Regular caffeine pills get absorbed quickly and give you a boost for a short time, then quickly fade and leave you low with a crash. Time release the herbal caffeine 200mg dose is slowly released over time to give you a smooth kick that lasts for hours without the crash, with a soothing L-Theanine 100mg to calm and relax the natural energy rush.Why Should I Take Caffeine and L-Theanine Together?When taken separately, caffeine and l-theanine have opposite effects on the mind and body. However, when taken together, these two ingredients work synergistically to create a desirable calm, clear focus that is simply unmatched by any other combination of ingredients.Most of use drink coffee and energy drinks to “stay productive” or “get ahead.” Avoid Coffee Dependence By Taking An Organic Non-GMO Herbal Energy Supplement and GET MORE ENERGY THAN A CUP OF COFFEE! COVERED by Amazon Guarantee and Worry Free Return Policy. click ‘Add to Cart’ now and Take the 1 Energy Pill – 15 Minute Challenge if you’re ready to increase your energy, focus & productivity without the jitters or crash.

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